The color, the grain, the texture, the smell, the “good feeling” wood gives IMG_0005 (3)off when you draw your hand across a beautifully made piece of furniture.  Or just the “Beryl” of a nice pipe.

I started carving gnome homes at the request of my mother in “88”. She had asked me to get her a book about gnomes.  They lived in the trunk of trees, just above the root systems.  She asked me to carve her a gnome home. So I found a 10 foot tree trunk, next to a farmer’s field that had been hit by lighting, that he threw aside. A 3ft. piece of it ended up being the first “GNOMEDOMINIUM”.

The name was coined by a lady writing a flyer, for a contest I had entered it in, at the NORTHWEST YWCA in Redford, Michigan.  It won “EXCELLENCE in DISPLAY”. The following year I was fortunate to do it again. The nice people at “DOLL CRAFTERS” Magazine did an article on each one. All of this was fun and encouraged me on. People liked them.

IMG_0019I tried all kinds of wood. Cypress knees, real root systems, stumps, and now I am playing with Bird’s Eye Maple. They are all one of a kind. Each one tells you what you can do with it. I like water, so a lot of them are either, on islands in Crystal Lake, or on the edge of Crystal Lake. (The gnomes mine crystals from Crystal Lake).

They are carved on a 1/2 in. to a ft. scale. Set on an electrified turntable with light bulbs, lanterns, windows, and basic parts that give the gnomes a homey feel. Preserved per-bonsai for trees and bushes and water that won’t spill!

The doll house industry has a huge supply of accessories so you can personalize them to your liking, and make it your own.

I have always thought in the back of my head, that I would like to have been an architect.  So, this is my shot at it. And I enjoy it. Hope you do to.


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